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Having a bias on people. I just need to stop thinking of the bad things they are doing and fully accept that they ARE wonderful, great people. They truly are.
Just because they do things I don't like and I won't do, doesn't mean that they should be looked down uupon.
Who knows if their "I miss you" is 100% genuine.. At least they said it to me. And that's what matters. 
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 I saw a guy at Kaiser Permanente in the Pharmacy section. He was cute, even with all that scruff and beard. :) I felt like he looked at me once or twice. yeeee ahaa
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oh my gosh.

this made my day when my friend sent me this

friend: my sister 
was like staring at u when u were making ur muffins and she was talking to my dad after adn she was like "Kelsey is very naturally pretty and shes sooo cute. The other two girls (jasmin and lea) are both really pretty too but kelsey isnt as fancy as they are and shes still pretty"

That is soooo sweet!
Yeah Lea and Jasmin are EXTREMELY pretty
but I'm cute and naturally pretty.
bahaha just kidding. :]
ive never had low self esteem so pretty girls like lea and jasmin usually dont get to me.
but if a guy is talking about how pretty/hot they are to ME, im like, "why are you telling me this?"
i only get annoyed, but not very jealous.
but if i do get jealous, it seriously blows off in a few hours because everyone has their own insecurities.
just make life the best of what you have. 
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Quote of the Day: Sometimes.. "Ignorance is Bliss"
So, my family and I left to go to Mammoth on Wednesday (5 hour drive woo. -_-) and I was pretty excited. We got there at around 3:00 so we would have time to rest for the next day. For dinner we ate at this restaurant (more like a homey, family owned one) and it had a lot of comfort food. I decided on a cheeseburger with mashed potatoes (bahaha) and it was soooo good. Very filling and satisfying. The next day, I woke up at 7:00 (and I had a very hard time waking up, and I even went to bed at 9:00. How am I gonna survive school now?) and we went upstairs to get some breakfast. My dad overhead a lady that works at the inn sayng that there will be a huge snow storm happening on tonight so naturally, he started to freak out. We still went skiing, but the weather was pretty bad. I got whipped my snow wind. Haha We skiied for 3 hours and went back to the inn, gathered our belongings and drove home. Oh, to note about skiing. Yeah, last time I went skiing, I chose snowboarding and I didn't have good experiences with that so I decided to ski this time. When I was little, I was a little ski devil and I was never afraid of going fast. Time time, it was different. My dad didn't think I was THAT beginner so I tagged along with Annika and him to the intermediate course. Looking down at the slope, I got scared. I made the A alllll the way down the hill. I kept on falling (and with skis, that hurts. no wonder im sore -_-) and i just sat on the snow for the next 30 minutes, watching everyone pass by me. My dad called me and he was really worried that I was hurt. I kept on telling him I was fine, but he was so worried he called a ski patrol man. He never told me, and I don't like to give up so I made myself go down the hill. Yeah, I never knew that the rescue guy came for me. And two men asked if I needed help because apparentally I was the only one sitting down on the intermediate course. Dumb me! I felt really dumb because I didn't thinkI needed help so when I got up, I didn't realize I lost one of my skiis until the man was like, "um here's your other ski".. Haha, "blonde" moment! After that experience, I went on the bunny slope with my sister and we both worked on our turning and stuff. Sadly, after 3 runs on the bunny slope and I was getting better we had to leave. My dad was already tired after that one run on the intermediate course. That was a sign of old age and he wasn't too happy about that. :[ Now today is Friday and we are safe at home. I read an article about the snow storm and it sounds pretty rough. Thank God we left Mammoth early, or else we would have had to stay at the inn, doing nothing for an extra day. Haha I just started to think about finals.. How depressing. I need (and want) to do well on all my finals.Even PE. Yeah that's right, I have a B in PE because I've been absent 5 times. XD I think I need to make it upp... And I already made my "How did I do on my finals" check list in my agenda. Wow, I'ma dork.So, JB updated their tour dates of When you Look Me in the eyees.They're coming to LA on Feb 2 at the Gibson Amphitheatre (universal studios). everytime they come here, i want to go sooo bad, but somethings stopping me. jan 31 is the last day of the semester, i dont know how ill feel. or how my parents will feel. i think i put too much pressure and sadness on me when grades come. thats why i dont think ill go to this concert. ill never go to a concert of theirs. its not an opinion, it's a fact. -sigh- oh well
ive learned to not expect much from getting what i want (Jb wise. lol)

OH, and New Years.
Was a lot of fun as always.
I don't know what I would do without my fam bam.
Played Yutnolee again. I finally found out how it feels to actually LOSE. The first game, I was first place; won 20 dollars. the next 2 games.. 2nd and 3rd (or 4th?) place.
I felt horrible. If you have a winning streak, losing is the worst possible thing to happen. =/
I got ___ dollars for New Years. ___ less from last years, but I'm not complaining. :]
i visited my grandpas grave. we cleaned his plate with windex. :D
the cemettary was filled with christmas trees and decorations. it was nice
i took a picture of this "thing" at the cemetary and I really like the picture.
i just need to upload it onto my computer..

New Years Eve, I watched the Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve show.
I'm not a hater of Miley, but some incidents of her with her being famous makes me laughh.
So I watch her perform.
Could NOT stop laughing because she sounded so bad.
Maybe it was because she was cold? I don't know, but to solve that problem she could have at least worn a COAT.
She was yelling throughout the whole performance and her expressions were priceless.
She got a bit emotional during GNO, wonder why? ;]]
Joe didn't sound very good either. And he has the same hairstyle as me. =|
Well at least Miley sing better than me.
Wow, that's an insult to myself. hahaha

- Kelsey
(I strive elegance)
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I don't like..

Some people think they know EVERYTHING in the world, yet they don't know how to fix up their miserable lives.
They feel like they don't need anything or anyone, but yet they are desperately trying to talk to more people but just won't admit it. They seem happy, but they are crying inside.
Too much ego, those people have.
I was watching House and one of the patients was like that. Lol
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I kept on saying that while I was trying to go to bed and Annika almost had a fit. Bahaha. And then she gave me the usual, "Why do you even like those 3 boys?" talk. Psh, why does she like Hugh Laurie?! Well.. Nevermind, Hugh is legit. Tomorrow is school. NOOO :[ I've been a bit superstitious lately. I read my horoscope and it said that if a friend planned something (hangout) then I shouldn't go if I don't feel RIGHT about it. Well just so happens that Catherine invited me to go iceskating with her and Mica, Paulina, and Kristen. I was still sore for skiing (-_- don't laugh) and I just didn't feel like going out so here I am, home. With a random Korean guy in my house measuring our windows. I was sleeping and my mom's like, "WAKE UP!" and then this guy comes in laughing and says sorry. While I'm in my hello kitty pajamas and my hair is all messed up. Yeppp :D Today I need to finish English homework and review my Biology homework. YES! Then I need to go to Staples to buy.. whiteout. I'm going to bake some cookies and paint my nails. Hahaha Oh wow. I had the weirdest dream.I had a dream that I was watching a play at our school and they were passing out chips and I wanteed two bags of chips and everyone looks at me and they're like, "she wants two.." then all of a sudden they give me their food (not chip. ohohohho it changed to REAL food.) I have no idea why, but Debbie and these tennis girls were there. Debbie was eating this.. Chinese looking thing. And HAHHAA the random thing of the dream. Kayla's sister was there! So, back to the dream, I was eating my food and then all of a sudden I am on the stage as an actress but I had no idea what to do so I was just at the side of the stage. Then Sammy texted me and it wasn't a regular text. It was a handwritten one.. And it said. "bla blah Jerry said he likes me and I'm jealous" I really don't know why it said jealous, wouldn't she be happy?
THEN, my dream switches to a chaotic (not everyone is running around but we're in a big room) scene where I'm with Paulina (my Paulina) and with her friends, Tammy, Jenny, and Roger (I have no idea how I know that. hahaha) I guess we're at a concert (judging from being with Paulina, you can guess whcih concert) and we're just taking pictures and I was taking pictures of them but they're like, "Kelsey join the picture!" so I was all happy. I don't know if I met them or not but that was a happy dream.. 
Can anyone analyze that for me?

I'm not reallly looking forward going to Ontrack, Aplus, etc.
A-plus.. I'm the secretary but I haven't even gotten all the emails to email everyone when there ISN'T a meeting. Oh boy..
My mom says I don't do enough extracurricular activities.. And that I should run for an office.
There is NO way I'm running for ASB so I settled to run for CSF or NHS.
But.. :[
I suck at speeches and I have the worst stage fright.
Even if I know the people in the class, I still get nervous.
Like my Romeo and Juliet lines. I FROZE up. -___-
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 You know how girls think about their future? What they want their future husbands to look and act like, what house you want, what you're wedding will be, etc?
Well I was thinking about what my wedding should be.
I'm pretty conservative, traditional and old-fashioned when it comes to marriage and whatnot (against sex or anything sexual before marriage) and I'm pretty proud that I'm keeping that promise. JB have purity rings, but I don't think I need a ring to tell me I'm keeping that promise. Haha
Well for my wedding, I would really like to have a traditional wedding in a gorgeous church (with amazing windows) and then after that, a traditional Korean wedding. I doubt that I will marry a white dude (lol, but you never know) but I would really like to have a Korean wedding. I watched my parent's wedding video (I can't believe it still works! after 20 years) and their traditional Korean wedding looked so much fun. They bowed to their parents and threw chestnuts at eachother! XD Well, not at eachother, but in their laps.
Also, I love Hanboks (girlls, not so fond of the guy hanbok)

Paul sent me this site where it sells hanboks and theyre sooo pretty. Heck, even Paris Hilton bought a Hanbok when she was in Korea. I like the hanbok better than the traditional Chinese dress because the Chinese dress seems too closed up.

Those are a couple. It's funny because my mom has the exact same mirror in the first picture. XD
But I'm not too fond of the shoes they are wearing.

Yeah, when I was looking at Kayla's xanga, it hit me that I reallly don't like to model (im not even a model potential hahahahaha).
Maybe it's because someone is barking orders that I don't like?
I'm not sure. I guess it depends on the person because I hated to "model" for Christine.
She kept on telling me to do this and do that and I didn't even want to do it.
I just did it to make her happy. -_-
And whenever I told her to do something, she always rebelled.

Speaking of models, I was watching Bravo TV and there is a showw called I want to be a Supermodel and I must say, it's better than ANTM.
There are guys in it. =) And the cohost is Tyson B. (he looks half asian because of his eyes haha. but he is mmm!)
All the guys on the showw are too ridicuously good looking (lol zoolander)
I would hate to date a guy model because they're so good looking it makes me wanna puke.

I want to travel Europe. -sigh-
Just looking at the pictures is breathtaking.
I wonder how BEING there will be.

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 So I was eating dinner with my familia and then we were suddenly talking about how each name seems to fit each person. My dad chimes in saying that he hates his name - Johnny. Not John, but Johnny. We were trying to figure out a name that would fit him and we decided on David. Lol.
My dad was all like, "Yeah I like that name, but.. It's a bit too late to change my name. I mean, everyone at work knows me by Johnny! At least 100 people!" XD
So he said once he retires he wants us to call him.. David. Hahaha
David and Amy. Awww!

We were eating spicy chicken and whenever we eat something spicy, my sister's lips plump up x10. seriously. so my mom was all like, "annika you dont need to get any plumping surgery for your lips! just eat something spicy and go!" and my dad was like, "botox girl! angelina jolieeeee -kiss sounds-"
bahaha. wow i love my family.

I HATE PAULINA (not really, but right now I do. Not hate, but jealously)
Ugh, you suck Paulina! lol
take pictures
and stuff. :D
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 i try so hard
but yet, im never content with what i achieve
because its always not the best
no matter how hard i try
im never good enough.

thanks for giving me 8 months of euphoria.
it's been a great ride
but i think it's time for me to let go and
move on.

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I need to slap myself on the hand for not updating this thing for like.. 10+ days?
And even if I am updating now, I am too lazy to go in depth.
Every time I see my English teacher, I want to punch her.
Yeah, it's not a good thing and I need to refrain from it.

So I was talking to Catherine and I don't know how we brought it up, but Catherine told me like 5 people think I'm dating Huy.
Huy is very touchy so I guess I can understand where they're coming from. But it doesn't really bother me much becauuse I think of him as a little brother (aww poor huy.) so. =/
But I'll just give a little space more because a lot of people think that. Hahaha

Anywho, Kayla if you still read this (ahaha I doubt it because I haven't updated in forever) I think I know who you're talking about. The section where you're talking about Person A and aim. Starts with a T, hmm?

Today is my sister's birthday. She is finally 18! My dad said to go out and buy cigarettes for him (joking obviously). hahaha
I'm such a bad sister.. I didn't even buy my sister's present yet and her birthday is today!
and phillip didn't come
that jerk...
but it would be sad if he came around like 4:00 today and we werent home..
AWW! Hahaha

So I was buying my lunch one day and I turn to the left and I see Nancy and she turned and looked at me. We both said hi to eachother, but it was SO awkward. She looked sad too..
You can always tell how someone is feeling through their eyes.
Too bad Asians have dark brown eyes so you can't tell as vividly. -_-

PS. I grew =)
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